Home Sweet Home Cookies

I met my cookie goal this weekend, decorating and delivering a yummy batch of Home Sweet Home cookies to our new neighbors! As is always the case, decorating took more time than expected, but I’m really happy with the results and especially love the turquoise and red color combination. Here’s a rundown of how these cottage cookies came to be.

First, I piped around the edges of each house with Americolor Super Red. Just like my inspiration cookies, I used a big number 3 tip to really make the border stand out.

Then I flooded the cookies using two colors as I wanted to have some cookies be the inverse of others. I went for light and dark turquoise by mixing Americolor Teal and Sky Blue. I used about a one-to-one ratio of teal and blue. In the future, I’ll plan to buy a bottle of Americolor Turquoise as its my favorite color and no doubt, I’ll find many occasions to use it.

After waiting 5 or so minutes, I added dots in the contrasting turquoise color. Nothing much to it. I just plopped the dots right on top and given that the flood icing is still wet, the dots drop right in. Oh, and because I can’t leave well enough alone, I wanted to try stripes, too. Turns out stripes are a bit harder than dots, first because getting a tiny stripe in a tiny chimney is no easy feat, and second because I kept getting heaviness on both ends of the stripes making them appear less stripe-y and more wobbly. Ah well. I love stripes and will no doubt, keep experimenting.

After letting the cookies dry overnight, I grabbed the red pipe icing, changed to a number 1 tip, and added the final bit of detail by writing over top. Naturally, I wrote “home”, “sweet”, and “home” for our new neighbors.

I also like to mix it up with some different shaped cookies, so I tossed in a few scalloped hearts. I’ve found you can’t lose with scalloped hearts.

The “ciao” cookie is for our friends who are moving away. Boo to friends leaving, but yay for new friends moving in!

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