Little Kid Hobo Sacks: For Hauling Treasures and Trinkets

I did it! I ended my sewing hiatus and whipped up an adorable hobo sack for my friend Cary’s kiddo just in time for our last playdate before they move up to Seattle. Though I was dreading the process of figuring out my new sewing machine and all of those fancy new bells and whistles, it really wasn’t so bad. It was especially not so bad while armed with a Fresh Fruit Margarita (I can’t wait to share this recipe with you guys! Its coming tomorrow!).

I followed MadeByDana’s tutorial and didn’t make a single goof (believe it friends!). This was an inexpensive, quick sewing project, that makes for a wonderful gift, especially when stuffed with a special surprise for the recipient. I stuffed this one with “Good Luck” cookies. Here’s a quick rundown of the project budget and supplies:

$3.00  1/2 Yard of Fabric (most any kind will work)
$1.50  Thread (contrasting thread is a cute option)
Free!  Knit Fabric for Straps (I used an old t-shirt)
$4.50 Total Cost for a Rad Kid’s Hobo Sack

Dana’s tutorial is great, so I won’t show you how to make this magic happen. Just visit her site and be amazed by how wonderful and supportive a virtual teacher she is. I will, however, show you two more photos of my sweet Quinn modeling her friend’s hobo sack.

6 thoughts on “Little Kid Hobo Sacks: For Hauling Treasures and Trinkets

  1. Ok, I may seriously have to commission one of these from you! Saoirse would LOVE a hobo sack…this girly has a thing for handbags like you wouldn’t believe :) How do I place an order?!? Oh, and love the picture of Quinn, such a happy girl!

    • Kiddos and little satchels go together like cake and frosting! haha. I actually just bought fabric to make one for Quinn yesterday because she really loved playing with them. Do you know how to sew? Even just a little bit? Any desire to learn? If you answered yes to any of those questions, we could make one for Saoirse together one Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Even moving slowly, it would probably only take a couple hours. You could be the next Weekend Crafter! If not, no worries. We can still make arrangements to get S. her very own hobo sack.

  2. I have been known to sew a button or two, or sloppily stitch a patch or hole before…but, no experience with sewing machines. I am totally game for learning though! Let me know if you have interest in having a student :) If nothing else, it would be great to see you and that baby cuteness of yours :)

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