Quinn Gets Her Very Own Hobo Sack

As I mentioned last week, Quinn absolutely loved the hobo sacks we sewed for her little friends’ birthdays. She loved placing her toys inside, pulling them out, shaking the bag all about, and dragging it around the house with her. Naturally, I just had to run to Joann’s quick as can be and find some fabric to sew Quinn her own bag.

Some of the juvenile fabrics were on sale 40 percent off, so for a mere $3, this hobo sack was as good as made. Just as I did before, I cut up an old t-shirt to make straps for the bag and followed Dana’s tutorial here. In about an hour, Quinn’s hobo sack was finished and ready for shaking!

4 thoughts on “Quinn Gets Her Very Own Hobo Sack

    • Hey MaryAnn, I had the same idea of making it into a little backpack! It seems so much more useful to let the kiddos tote their own things around. I even found this post as an example: http://www.amber-hinds.com/2011/10/4410/ With Quinn, I opted to wait for the pack b/c she’s really intolerant of anything attached to her person (headbands, hats, etc.). When she gets a little older (maybe around Nico’s age), she’ll dig a backpack :) Good luck and if you give it a whirl, do let me know how it goes!

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