Lace Patterned Heart Cookies for Bridal Shower Love

I grew up and went to school on the East Coast, so many of my close friends live about 3,000 miles away. Boo.

Though I often miss out on baby showers, weddings, and the like, I recently got to participate in a bridal shower by making special cookie party favors. Even if I can’t join in the fun, at least my cookies can!

Wedding-themed cookies are so much fun to dream up because they’re usually dresses, tiered cakes, hearts, or flowers. All pretty cut-outs that allow for limitless cookie design options.

When brainstorming these cookies, my lovely friend who was also the bridal shower coordinator mentioned that she loves the crunch of sanding sugar sprinkles as well as the look of Justine’s bridal brunch cookies.

From there, I hunted around for some new techniques to dress up the heart cookies and loved SugarBelle’s lace patterned cookies. Feminine, simple, and perfectly bridal.

One lesson learned, sanding sugar causes royal icing to spread a bit, so my lace detailing became a little looser than was originally piped. For these cookies, the spreading isn’t noticeable, but its definitely something to keep in mind for finer detail work.

Making 5 dozen cookies was honestly a pleasant way for me to spend a few days. However, shipping them across the country made for an agita week. I couldn’t even talk about the cookies until I knew they arrived safely.

Thank the heavens and a boatload of bubble wrap, all the cookies arrived in tact. Here’s a photo of the cookies all prettied up and ready to be gifted as favors. Stay tuned for a post on the wedding dress cookies!

P.S. These are Classic Sugar Cookies topped with Americolor Lemon Yellow royal icing.

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    • Absolutely! Hopefully I’ll get the chance to make baby cookies for some East Coasters soon, too :)

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