Cookies with Curves: Bikini Sugar Cookies Using a Heart Cutter

Ever since the cookie cutter moratorium, I’ve been dying to make bikini cookies or lingerie cookies. Girly cookies are always fun to make with their scallops, ruffles, and the like. Plus, the heart cutter works perfectly at creating a shape with healthy curves.

For some real bootylicious cookie love, Ben insisted I assemble a cow rockin’ out the bikini.

Go on and moove that ga-dunk-a-dunk!

I added the bold there just in case you missed the “moo”.

Okay, let’s chat more about making these cookies!

Here’s what we’ll be using:

Classic Sugar Cookies
– 20 Second Icing, Americolor Deep Pink
– 20 Second Icing, Americolor Bright White
– Piping Icing, Americolor Bright White

For the bikini top, we’ll leave the heart cut-out as it is. Simply flip your baked cookie upside-down for decorating. I found it easiest to start my pink icing by making a few guides on the cookie: two dots on either side of the cookie where you’d like your bikini top to begin and one line right down the center.

Trace out your bikini following along with your guide…

And just fill in the circles with more 20 second pink icing.




Immediately after flooding, add dots with white 20 second icing. Also, don’t worry if your bikini looks a bit wonky. I was bummed looking at the wet icing, but once it dried the imperfections melted away.

Wait until the cookie is good and dry before piping on your white ruffly scallop and ties. All set!

The bikini bottoms come together much like the tops. One big difference is that we’re going to nip the bottom off of the heart.

Then outline with pink icing, fill with more pink, and add white polka dots as before. A few hours to dry, a few piping ruffles, and your bottoms are finished!

Bikini sugar cookies. Another creative cookie cutter alternative, proving that my friend Jeana’s got it right, “Limitation spawns creativity!”


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