Summer Lovin’ Beachy Heart Cookies!

Ya’ll may remember the Sand Castle Cookies cookies I posted back on my due date. Well, I loved them so much and wanted to make an accompanying cookie that had all the same pretty beach elements, but with a more grown-up look. Something that could work for a destination or beach wedding, a summer bridal shower, or a beach birthday party.

A classic heart shape, a golden sandy beach, a sparkling turquoise ocean, and some flip flops. Pure summer joy.

Waves & Beachy Heart Cookies | Make Me Cake Me

This design has been done by lots of folks around the web, so I’m not sure whose beach cookies came first, but if you want to check out some other variations, here are a few of my faves:

Beach Cookies and Flip-flop Transfers from Sugar Dot Cookies
Merry “Beach”mas Cookies from Diane’s Cookies
Beach Wedding Cookies from Cakes on the Lane
Beach-themed cookies from Montreal Confections with an awesome video tutorial

Waves & Beachy Heart Cookies | Make Me Cake Me

I’ll walk you through my beach cookie process, but do check out Marlyn of Montreal Confection’s video tutorial, especially to see how Marlyn makes the crashing waves look so lovely.

Okay, here we go! Heart sugar cookies and royal icing dyed and mix as follows: Sand-colored 20 second icing (Wilton Ivory + a touch of Americolor Chocolate Brown); Americolor Turquoise 20 second icing; Americolor Bright White piping icing; Americolor Electric Pink Piping Icing. You’ll also need white pearl luster dust and gold and clear sanding sugar.

First things first, let’s get our flip-flop royal icing transfers going, so they have plenty of time to dry. With pink piping icing and wax paper taped to a cutting board, I freehanded the sandals. Really, they’re not complicated at all: just a couple of icing dots, the top bigger than then bottom. After a few minutes, add a thin “V” to make the flip-flop strap with white piping icing using a tiny #1 decorating tip. Do make extra in case some break or some look goofy!

Flip-flop Royal Icing Transfers | Make Me Cake Me

Onto the cookies!

If you’re bold and just want to freehand the S curve dividing the ocean and beach, go for it! I dragged a toothpick over the cookie’s surface first to draft the curve as I wasn’t feeling so bold.

Marking Beach Cookie | Make Me Cake Me

Sandy Beach Heart Cookies | Make Me Cake MeNext up, fill the ocean with turquoise icing, waiting at least 30 minutes before filling in the beach with sand-colored icing. At this point, let your cookies dry for several hours or overnight.

To make the beach sandy, I used a 50/50 mix of gold and clear sanding sugar. Straight gold would have been too dark (check out the windows and doors of the sand castle cookies to see) and straight clear wouldn’t have been very interesting. I love how this mix turned out!

Also, I like to apply sanding sugar to dry cookies with Bridget of Bake at 350’s dry application technique and absolutely love her coffee filter trick to contain sprinkle mess. Be sure to dust off the sugar that isn’t firmly stuck to the cookie with a dry paintbrush.

Sandy Beach Heart Cookies | Make Me Cake Me

The sanding sugar will dry quickly so you can dive right into the waves. This is the fun part!

I was working quickly, so I don’t have great photos of this process. You’re basically piping a bumpy white line along the curve of the beach and then a shorter bumpy line in the ocean that mimics the curve of the beach. By dragging a square paintbrush from the middle of the piping icing and down, you can pull some white “foam” into the ocean. Not to be beat a dead horse here, but watch Marlyn’s video tutorial! Its so helpful!

Second to last step, luster dust! The ultimate in pretty cookie shimmer. Before jumping in, be certain that the waves are fully dry. With the wet application of luster dust, icing that isn’t fully dry may start to dissolve. Eek! That would be incredibly sad after so much great cookie work.

Ocean & Beach Heart Cookies | Make Me Cake Me

Finally, let’s add our cutie flip-flops to the beach. Just drop a dab of sand-colored icing where you’d like to position your flip-flops and gently place them down.

Side note: In the picture below, the ocean is sans luster dust. If you compare to the photo above, you can really see the difference. Much flatter and less eye-catching below, right?

Sandy Beach Cookies with Flip-Flops | Make Me Cake Me

I know this is silly, but my cookie friends will understand…

I just couldn’t stop staring at these cookies. They’re so pretty and they make me so happy thinking of summer, the beach, tropical oceans, and happy feet in flip-flops!

Waves & Beachy Heart Cookies | Make Me Cake Me

71 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’ Beachy Heart Cookies!

    • Yay! Glad you like them Lisa! Flip flop transfers should definitely be on your Transfer Tuesday list! :)

    • Yay! So glad you like them Maggie and even more glad that you plan to make some yourself! Good luck and thanks for commenting! :)

  1. This beach cookie is one of my all time favorites. The flip flops you added to the design are a perfect addition, thanks for explaining how you made them. CookieCrazie recently added sea shells, and SweetAmbs added a little crab. I made these designs last summer, turned it into a tree at Christmas for my beach loving friends and am looking forward to making them again this summer, perhaps I will try adding some flip flops thanks to your tutorial.

    • Thanks so much for your comment, Diane! I hadn’t seen SweetAmbs beach cookies and just checked them out. So cute with the little crabbies! Also, I just headed back over to your site and I love it! Those pear/pair cookies are just adorable! :)

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and THANK YOU for including a link to my Merry “Beach”mas cookie, I didn’t even see that when I first read your blog. I am truly honored to be included in your list. My blog is usually read by about 5 friends and a few family members :)

    • How funny that you missed the link to your cookies with the first read-through! Your Merry “Beach”mas Cookies are awesome. Thinking to pair the beach cookie with a Christmas tree was really brilliant! Very fun and unexpected. If the cookiers haven’t seen your blog yet, they’re missing out and I’m glad to count myself as your sixth reader! 😉

  3. I think these might be my favorite cookies of all time! It’s a tiny little painting on the cookie. The flip flops, the beach and the foam on the water as it rolls across the sand – all perfect! Thank you so much for sharing these. They are fantastic!

    • Wow, what a great compliment! Thank you so much for stopping by and for leaving such a kind compliment, Heather! :)

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    • Thanks for visiting Daniela and how cool that bloggers can connect from different continents! While I can’t read a word of Portuguese, I had so much fun checking out your photos. The yoga pictures are great and your dog is adorable! Come visit again soon :)

  5. I adore these. I’m actually doing them as wedding favors for my brother’s beach wedding, in a cellophane bag with sanding sugar at the bottom, tied with raffia . The addition of another pair of flip flips (though I’m trying to figure out how to get a foot impression In the sand) will make it perfect for depicting a couple. Thank you so much for the tutorial.

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    • That’s wonderful! Thanks for your note Mary Ellen and I hope you enjoy your daughter’s wedding! If she uses these cookies at her wedding, please do share a photo :) All the best!

      • I am getting ready to start these cookies!! Wish me luck!
        Could you tell me approximately how big the flip flops are?

        Mary Ellen

        • Good luck with these Mary Ellen! Honestly, it’s been so long since I made them I can’t recall how big the flip flops are… maybe… 1/3 inch?

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    • You’re so sweet, Emma! Thanks for including my cookies and for commenting here. I’m off to check ’em out :) !!

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  10. Love this idea! How can I achieve the sand colored icing? I ask using food coloring,I have both the liquid and gel kind.

    • Hi Ashley! So glad you like the cookies. I have all the details for how to get the sand colored icing in the post. I use gel colors and the specific hues are included above. Thanks for reading! :)

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  14. I’m SOOO happy I came across this tutorial by sheer luck! I have a request to make these next week for a bridal shower! Customer found it on Pinterest! I hope mine come out as beautiful as these

    • That’s wonderful, Traci! I’m so glad you found the tutorial and hope it helps you create some gorgeous cookie! Thanks so much for your comment and happy weekend :)

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  16. NOTE:

  17. What a wonderful idea, thank you! Actually, I am making a cake for my daughter’s 17th birthday tomorrow and thought to use my heart-shaped pan. It will be fun and she will sure to love it…thanks again for sharing such talent:)

    • Your so kind to leave such a complimentary note! Thanks for making my day! Also, fabulous idea turning this into a cake! I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it and I pretty much want to create it right now :) Enjoy the celebration (and the cake!) in honor of your daughter :)

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  20. i always see these on pinterest, and since i have like a billion things in my like section i never find them. but when i see them again i am like, YAY I WILL NEVER LOSE YOU AGAIN and stare at it 7/24

  21. might be a silly question (not a baker, but trying to make these for a bridal shower), but what size cookie cutter did you use for these heart shaped cookies? I have a heart shaped cookie cutter, but feel like it might be too small to get enough detail on. Thanks!

    • Not a silly question at all Danielle. Too small and it’d be a real pain to get all that detail in! I just measured and the heart cutter I used was just shy of 3 inches at its widest across. Good luck and I hope you have fun with your cookie creating!

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