Sneaky Little Ghost Cookies

Simple shapes. Simple techniques.

Lots of Halloween fun!

And its September folks, so Halloween-related posts are absolutely fair game. Hurray!

Cut-out Ghosts in a Spiderweb Cookie for Halloween | Make Me Cake Me

For getting festive Halloween-style, I tend towards cutesy versus creepy and I’m definitely not into gory. These sneaky little ghost cookies are a perfect example of my slant for smiley-fun Halloween treats.

To make these cuties, I didn’t want to buy a set of mini-Halloween cutters as my cutter stash is getting just a wee bit out of control. I’ve just been having so much fun picking out cutters from Karen’s Cookies, clearance cutters from Jo-Ann’s, cutters at Target, they’re everywhere!

Alas, its time to reinstate the moratorium.

Back to my wee ghosts, I looked at my stash and realized I already had the perfect cutter: the mini tulip from Wilton’s 6-piece Mini Romantic Cutters set. Just a simple flip and I had the cutest little ghost in town!

Mini Ghost Cookies from a Tulip Cutter | Make Me Cake Me

With the perfect cutters in hand, sugar cookies come together like a breeze, and then a batch of royal icing is all you need to get started!

– Piping icing, Americolor Super Black or Edible Black Marker
– 20 second icing, Halloween Green (Americolor Leaf Green + Americolor Lemon Yellow)
– 20 second icing, Halloween Purple (Americolor Regal Purple + Americolor Fuchsia)
– 20 second icing, Americolor Bright White

Grab the little ghost cookies and pipe and fill with white icing. Set aside to dry a couple hours before piping on their happy smiles and eyes in black icing or edible marker.

Cut-out Ghosts in a Spiderweb Cookie for Halloween | Make Me Cake Me

Jumping over to the circle cookies, outline and fill with white icing. While the white icing is still wet, swirl on a couple circles in purple and green icing. Immediately drag a toothpick from the center of the cookie towards the outside shaping your spiderweb design. For a great visual on this technique, check out Bridget of Bake at 350’s tutorial.

Now, its time to assemble and watch cookie magic happen! Using a small dab of white icing, “glue” your mini ghost cookie onto the spiderweb cookie.

Aren’t they sweet and just a little bit spooky? My perfect Halloween treat!

Cut-out Ghosts in a Spiderweb Cookie for Halloween | Make Me Cake Me

The large circle cookie cutter for the Sneaky Little Ghost Cookies is from Wilton’s 101 Cookie Cutter set and the mini ghost is actually a mini tulip cutter flipped upside down from Wilton’s 6-piece Mini Romantic Cookie Cutter set. I swear, I don’t work for Wilton!

80 thoughts on “Sneaky Little Ghost Cookies

    • Mini cookies really are a lot of fun. For me, they’re a bit more of a pain to decorate as it can seem like a zillion cookies for just a batch, but for eating, they’re much more poppable and they score big points on the cute factor. Yay to smiley pumpkins, too!

    • A harvest party sounds like so much fun! Maybe your little guy’s talented Mama will make him some to bring along 😉 Thanks for stopping by Geri and by the way, those cupcakes in teacups were gorgeous! So pretty and such a cute way to display them!

    • Thanks Lisa! I wasn’t sure about the colorful cobwebs at first as black is so striking… but black icing is such a butt pain :) I’m glad the purple/green combo gets the job done without the achy butt! lol.

  1. Michelle, these are absolutely adorable. I love the smiley ghosts, and the cut-out design is so clever. And it’s so great that you didn’t need to buy another cookie cutter! My husband’s 7-year old cousin is obsessed with Halloween, and I can’t wait to make these for her. I have a feeling she’ll love them!

    • Thanks so much Jamie! I love a cookie that doesn’t require any new stuff! I hope your hubby’s cousin enjoys them and yay to loving Halloween!

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  4. These are so cute. They also remind me of the little “goblins” that Pacman eats. It would be cute to make bigger Pacman cookies (just circles with triangle mouth cut out) then these little ghost in pink, blue, etc.

    • Absolutely Lori! That’s a great idea and these little ghosts would be a perfect fit! :) Thanks for stopping by and reading!

  5. ok this may be a stupid question but I have to ask it. Do you cut out the ghost before you bake the cookie or after it’s baked and still a little soft. If you cut it before baking what keeps the cookie from spreading out and filling in the hole where the ghost is cut out? Also can you tell me if you prefer putting your royal icing in a bottle or pastry bag and why you prefer one over the other. I have never used a bottle and curious if it’s hard to control the flow of the icing. Maybe I make my icing too thin..not sure. Thanks for all of your help. Also one more question please…any suggestions for Toy Story cookies (especially a Woody that’s not too hard). thank you so much. I love your website…you do an amazing job.

    • Hi Brenda! Not a dumb question at all! In terms of baking, I removed the ghost cut-outs before baking otherwise they’d meld back together into one cookie. What keeps the hole/ghost shape from spreading is the cookie recipe and its relatively low amount of leavener included. That is to say, cookie recipes with lots of baking powder puff and spread. I use a recipe that just calls for a little; I’ll include the link at the end of this comment. They’re still soft and tasty though so don’t worry on that account. For decorating, I use bottles and bags: bottles for thinner/flood icing and bags for thicker/piping icing. I’ll include a link on consistencies that I like. In terms of being able to control thin icing in a bottle, I use bottles that take decorating tips, so you can use a thinner tip, which may help w/ control, but definitely making your icing a little thicker will help, too. Last question (I think!), Toy Story Cookies. Making character cookies like Woody is no easy challenge. All my cookie-making friends fear character cookies! Lol. I’d probably do something more like this: Tips for icing consistencies: Cookie Recipe (I use 3/4 teaspoon baking powder and mix up the extracts) Good luck Brenda!!

      • thank you so much and for the additional website. They were all very helpful. I love your blog and you do such a great job with all of your masterpieces…and again thank you so much. I am anxious to try your sugar cookie recipes (all of them)

        • Absolutely my pleasure, Brenda! Good luck with your cookie baking and decorating and thanks so much for your kind words about my blog :)

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    • Hi Joan! Well, I have to say the Michelle that commented wasn’t me! However, I did pop over to your site after seeing your comment here and your cookies are great! The shell border you did on those preppy cookies was so well done; I just stared at it for a good while :) Thanks for visiting Joan and I look forward to keeping up with your cookies!

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    • Aw, thanks so much for including these little guys in your roundup, Laura! I’m excited to see what else you’ve got going over there :) Happy Halloween!

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