3 Ways to Improve Chicken Breasts

I came across this wonderful video on YouTube about 3 great ways to improve the chicken breasts you consume at home. Chicken breasts are arguably the most popular food amongst fitness enthusiasts due to its high protein content and low fat content making it a fantastic source of lean protein. However, chicken can be bland at times especially if you are eating it regularly so this video goes about addressing that problem and trying to spice things up a bit.

Here in the UK, I get my chicken breasts from Muscle Food as you can get 5KG of premium chicken breasts for $20 if you use an exclusive Muscle Food discount code that they often have over at The Fitness Recipes. The chicken breast from Muscle Food is great tasting with no added salt or sugar so it really is a premium cut. On a side note, The Fitness Recipes have some great healthy recipes to choose from, so go take a look.

Method 1: Slow Cook Your Chicken

Use a crockpot which you can pick up on the cheap and will be a worthwhile investment. All you have to do is put in your chicken breast and then whatever spices you want such as salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, paprika etc. Then 3-4 hours later you have some amazing tasting chicken.

Method 2: Tenderizing

Preferably you need a meat tenderizer and cover the chicken breast with some plastic wrap. The plastic wrap is to stop the juice from the meat from going everywhere. You shouldn’t go overboard on the tenderizing, only flatten it out to at most 1 inch in thickness any further than that and you can damage the meat. You may have noticed chicken breasts are so much more tender when you eat them at a restaurant and that is because they tenderize the meat and even sometimes they use dehydrated meat.

Method 3: Marinating

Seems obvious but it is often overlooked due to being messy however it is recommended to use a zip lock bag and then place it in the fridge. This takes up less space and is a lot less messy as well as clean up as you can throw the zip lock bag away at the end!

Watch the video to see the tips in greater detail!