Meal Preparation Tips You Should Be Doing Now

Meal preparation is considered by many as an important tool to reach one’s fitness and health goals. One of the biggest complaints people have is that they are simply too busy to eat healthily. They don’t have the time or the energy to go through the process of preparing a healthy meal after being out at work all day which results in them eating fast food or other convenient but healthy alternatives- this is where meal prep comes in. Whilst it may sound a daunting task, meal prep is simply cooking in bulk for multiple meals at once and then separating them into separate containers for your upcoming meals. This lets you have multiple healthy meals in your fridge ready to go at a moments notice, all you need to do is pop it into the microwave to warm it up and you’ll be ready to eat.

While it can be overwhelming for those who are still inexperienced, it can be a lot easier and more fun once you get the hang of it. To guide you, here are some meal prep tips and ideas that you should be doing now!

  1. Plan ahead of time. First thing to do is to choose the best day that works well for you. It will also be wise to list down what you are planning to make. This is essential especially for those who have strict diet rules to follow.
  2. Aside from picking your meal prep day, it is also important to prepare ahead of time the number of meals per day that you want to cover.
  3. If you are into lean meat, you can enjoy more flavors by preparing two or three variations and flavors at a time. All you need to do is to use dividers in your pan.
  4. Instead of boiling a batch of egg, which may not all fit in your pot, you can bake them instead. Just use your muffin tins and bake the protein-rich eggs for around 30 minutes.
  5. You can chop your vegetables ahead of time. If stored properly in the refrigerator, these chopped vegetables can last for around 5 to 7 days. Just make sure to put it in a Tupperware.
  6. Another way to save time is by grouping your vegetables based on roasting time. You can prepare mushrooms and tomatoes in one pan while group carrots and potatoes in another.

Meal prep should be a fun activity especially if you have everything that you need such as the ingredients and  meal prep storage containers and  a meal prep bag. Meal management bags are essentially lunch bags that are built with meal prep in mind in that they come with containers, ice packs, shaker bottles included.