Pumpkins, Silly and Sweet! Jack O’Lantern French Macarons for Halloween

While Halloween is a time for spookiness and scares, cheerful sweets are always in fashion at MMCM.

Joining my happy-go-lucky ghosts, smiley Frankensteins, and colorful skeleton gals are these mischievous Jack O’Lantern french macarons!

Silly and Sweet Pumpkin French Macarons for Halloween! | Make Me Cake Me

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Chocolate Poof Top Cake & The Cake-for-Breakfast Revolution!

Cake-for-breakfast is one of my favorite ways to buck life’s conventions.

Growing up, my mom would’ve never allowed cake-for-breakfast. A sweet treat so early in the morning? Heavens no!

But many moons ago, once out on my own, I realized that I was now the mistress of my domain and I could eat cake before 9am if the mood struck. Such sweet independence!

Chocolate Poof Top Cake for Breakfast - Because happiness is coffee and chocolate cake before 9am! | Make Me Cake Me

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Pink Bear Macarons for my Bear’s First (Super Belated) Birthday!

My sweet Adairbear is officially a toddling 1 year old! Hurray, hurrah!

To be honest though, she’s 1.3 years old and with the craziness of moving twice in two months, her birthday fiesta was nowhere near the extravaganza I would’ve liked it to be.

So I’m celebrating her big first birthday on the blog. It’s a bit belated, but better late than never, especially when french macarons are involved!

French Macaron Bear Cookies - A sweet addition to a baby shower or birthday party as a favor or for dessert! | Make Me Cake Me

While french macarons sound quite fancy and formal, when shaped like bears, colored pink, and doodled on with edible markers, they’re all fun and giggles.

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Fancy Pants Chocolate Flower Cake

Whenever I make a cake for a friend, I ask if they have a flavor preference, hoping to make a treat that really speaks to their sweet tooth and makes them smile. That’s the whole point, right? A happy cake-eater.

Alas, 9 times out of 10, I’m asked to make something chocolate-y. Not going to lie, while delicious, chocolate-frosted cakes make me a little sad.

No rainbow frosting stars. No turquoise and lime green swirls. No furry white bunnies.

Fancy Pants Chocolate Flower Top Cake | Make Me Cake Me

I just love decorating with color and the premise of using straight brown is creatively limiting.

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Oh Happy Day! A Rainbow Cake for Beginners and Busy Bakers

My sweet friends! I’ve been missing you like crazy these past two months!

All things, including my love of the sugar arts, had to be put on hold while we sold one house, moved into another, bought a different house, and then finally moved one last time. Phew!

Thank Heavens to Betsey, we’re somewhat settled into our new place and I’ve slowly begun eking out bits of time to bake, decorate, draw, and write.

Dude… let me say… it… feels… GLORIOUS!

Rainbow Drop Star Happy Cake - For birthdays, baby showers, or just for silliness :) | Make Me Cake Me

I’m so happy to have a piping bag back in hand and I was even happier to share this colorful and super easy cake with my girlfriends. We enjoyed many slivers while laughing, drinking cocktails, and taking in the breeze on our new deck.

Pure. Happiness.

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