Summer Snail Cookies: Because Slow Food is Sweet!

This post has a secondary title, “Snail Cookies: Because Michelle is Slow as Molasses with the Posts Lately!”

True enough!

As I mentioned a few weeks back, my life’s been a whirlwind lately. We sold our sweet little house, moved into a rental house, and are now set to close on our next house around July 4th. Three houses. Two moves. Two kids. One husband traveling to Scandinavia on “work” for the next 10 days…

Summer Sprinkle Snail Cookies: For sweet baby showers or birthdays!

Yeah, that’s why the posts are comin’ at you super slowly and also why there may be a slightly bitter tone to this post!

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Under the Sea Rosette Cake for Baby Aurora

Sweet friends! I miss you all so much and am sorry for being much less present on the ol’ interweb these days. Alas, my hubby and I have been up to our eyes in home-selling brouhaha (fixing, cleaning, staging, showing, and all that).

Thankfully, my time away from the sugar arts was fruitful and we sold our house super fast! Woo! Of course, just as that brouhaha wraps up, the packing and moving brouhaha begins. Boo!

I need some cheering up. Someone get me a slice of cake and a wicked cute whale topper, pronto!

Under the Sea Cake with Fondant Whale Topper w/ Tutorial. Great for a boy's or girl's birthday, a baby shower, or just for summer fun! | Make Me Cake Me

Even with all the house mania, I squeezed in time for this little cake to welcome Baby Aurora. Aurora’s daddy works with my hubs inventing gizmos and gadgets to conduct ocean research. It only seemed natural to make a baby whale topper for a cake in her honor.

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DIY Smiley Turtle Cake

This little guy’s flashing you his mega-watt because he desperately wants to be a part of your next party!

You wouldn’t say no to that sweet smile, would you?

DIY Smiley Turtle Cake | Make Me Cake Me

Turtle buddy’s even got his dance moves at the ready! He’s most known for his tail wiggle!

Shake it like a salt shaker, turtle buddy!

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Little Princess Cookies: Virtual Baby Shower for Sugarbelle & LilaLoa

There must have been something sweet shaking around the cosmos nine months back as the two greatest Cookie Queens of all-time, Callye AKA Sugarbelle and Georganne AKA LilaLoa, each had a baby girl last week and on the very same day!

To celebrate the arrival of their little cookie princesses, my friends Hani of Haniela’s, Mike of Semi Sweet, and I rallied cookie artists from around the ‘net for a royally-inspired baby shower!

Little Princess Cookies for a Girlie Baby Shower Cookies | Make Me Cake Me

I haven’t ventured much into the wonderful world of princess-inspired treats, so I was stoked to make these Baby Princess Cookies and as I often do, I used design principles from our virtual baby shower guests of honor!

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He or She? Hedge Your Bets! Gender Reveal Hedgehog Cookies

While decorating these sweet Baby Face Cookies for my friend Frances’ gender reveal party, I was daydreaming about cookies (I’m 100 percent serious) and another gender reveal cookie came to me…

Hedgehogs… with hair-bows… and bow-ties!

And then, the perfect pun: “Hedge your bets!”

He or She? Hedge Your Bets! Gender Reveal Hedgehog Cookies | Make Me Cake Me

Well, not perfectly punny, but pretty close. Plus, it’s a little cheesy and a little sweet. Just like my cookie style!

And sprinkles, of course. To be my style, there must be sprinkles!

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