Little Princess Cookies: Virtual Baby Shower for Sugarbelle & LilaLoa

There must have been something sweet shaking around the cosmos nine months back as the two greatest Cookie Queens of all-time, Callye AKA Sugarbelle and Georganne AKA LilaLoa, each had a baby girl last week and on the very same day!

To celebrate the arrival of their little cookie princesses, my friends Hani of Haniela’s, Mike of Semi Sweet, and I rallied cookie artists from around the ‘net for a royally-inspired baby shower!

Little Princess Cookies for a Girlie Baby Shower Cookies | Make Me Cake Me

I haven’t ventured much into the wonderful world of princess-inspired treats, so I was stoked to make these Baby Princess Cookies and as I often do, I used design principles from our virtual baby shower guests of honor!

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He or She? Hedge Your Bets! Gender Reveal Hedgehog Cookies

While decorating these sweet Baby Face Cookies for my friend Frances’ gender reveal party, I was daydreaming about cookies (I’m 100 percent serious) and another gender reveal cookie came to me…

Hedgehogs… with hair-bows… and bow-ties!

And then, the perfect pun: “Hedge your bets!”

He or She? Hedge Your Bets! Gender Reveal Hedgehog Cookies | Make Me Cake Me

Well, not perfectly punny, but pretty close. Plus, it’s a little cheesy and a little sweet. Just like my cookie style!

And sprinkles, of course. To be my style, there must be sprinkles!

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DIY Furry Bunny Cake

Lettuce paws a moment and pay homage to bunny puns. They make me very hoppy. Much like cake!

I’m quite new to cake decorating (see Mr. Moose and Ms. Rosita), so I very much worry about making treats worthy of Cake Wrecks. For that reason, I’ve chosen a simple, tough-to-goof-up cake design inspired by my big tiem cake crush, Coco Cake.

DIY Furry Bunny Face Cake | Make Me Cake Me

Lyndsay of Coco Cake makes the cutest, most adorable, furry looking cakes I’ve ever seen. I love her furry pink dog, her furry orange fox, and especially her furry mutant bunny.

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Sprinkle-y Pink Easter Bunny Cookies

A couple years back right before Easter, I picked up the most adorable pastel-colored nonpareils at Target. With a few shades of pink, pale blue, and white, this nonpareil mix is super dreamy and great for springtime cookies!

I first used these sprinkles on this set of bunny cookies and have been itching to re-make and revise those sweet rabbits ever since.

And here we are! I present Sprinkle-y Pink Bunny Cookies v2.0!

Sprinkle-y Easter Bunny Cookies | Make Me Cake Me

As you may know, I’m currently a sprinkle-aholic. I love them and I love these bunny friends!

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Cake Decorating with Kids: Bird’s Nest Mini Cupcakes for Spring

I hadn’t intended to blog about these sweet little bird’s nest cupcakes as they’ve definitely been done a time or two on the web, but I had so much fun watching my three year old, Quinn, decorate them (her first time cupcake decorating!), it got me excited to share and encourage other moms and dads to let their kids take charge of the spatula!

Mini Bird's Nest Cupcakes for Spring or Easter - Perfect for decorating with your kids | Make Me Cake Me

Typically, Quinn helps with the baking end of things and I manage the decorating as I hope to make my baked goods blog-worthy; however, when the director of her preschool asked that I come in and chat about baking with the kids, I wanted to show Quinn’s schoolmates, firsthand, that they can take charge and make something really cute!

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