No Lion, You’re Hot Valentine!

First off, all lion puns are horrible.

Google “lion puns”. You’ll agree.

Alas, corny puns abound for Valentine’s Day and I’m not about to buck the trend, so…

Lion Cookies from a Teddy Bear Cutter - Sweet for birthdays, baby showers, or even Valentine's | Make Me Cake Me

No Lion! You’re hot valentine!

Really, this is just a silly excuse for me to make the lion cookie design I’ve been chewing on for months.

Heart nose. Wee whiskers. Curly mane. Happy eyes.

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Elfin-style Santa Claus Cookies from a Football Cutter!

I want to put an exclamation point after all of my post titles, but it seems a bit much.

I’m afraid you might think I just put it there reflexively. I mean, could a person possibly be that excited over each and every one of these cookies?

Honestly, YES!!!

Santa Claus Cookies from a Football Cutter | Make Me Cake Me

I really do love cute cookies… THIS! MUCH!

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Silly Chilly Polar Bear Cookies for Any Cookie Cutter!

When I think of Christmas, I think about gray cloudssnowmen, dark evenings, sparkly snowflakes, and woodsy-smelling pine trees.

I also think about polar bears because they make for many cute cookie designs, including these polar bear buddies that got caught in a snowstorm.

They have scarves though so they don’t mind.

Silly Chilly Winter Polar Bear Cookies | Make Me Cake Me

This cookie design rocks for two reasons.

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Winter Snow Cloud Cookies

Oh, the weather outside is frightful!

Well, I live in San Diego, so it’s actually 70 degrees and sunny, but it’s snowing elsewhere, so we’ll just pretend.

Winter Snow Cloud Cookies | Make Me Cake Me

Whoosh!! Grab your mittens because there’s one big gust of wind coming from this cold weather cookie!

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Baby on Board! Sweet Surfing Baby Shower Cake

Though my blog may not reflect this, I’ve actually been really busy baking these days! In fact, I’ve been designing really fun cakes for some of my closest friends, which makes for the most rewarding baking of all.

Pardon the lack of carefully staged photos. With my gals napping less, meticulously planned, well-executed photo sessions haven’t been in the cards. Still, this cake for my dear friend Rachel was too cute not to share!

Baby on Board! Surfing Baby Shower Cake | Make Me Cake Me

How silly is that little plastic baby?! I love its adorable, vintage-look and for a plastic baby, I think the creepy/weird factor is pretty low. With a tiny pink bow added for a bit of girlie flair and it’s downright cute!

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